Brother, HP Supplies Prices Increasing

December 10, 2008

HP and Brother announced price increases for their printer supplies and consumables. HP’s pricing for inkjet cartridges, printheads, photo value packs and laserjet supplies will go up by approximately 5% on average, with specific increases varying by item. Brother’s pricing for consumables and accessories will go up at the same time. The new prices will be effective January 1st, 2009. Get HP Supplies and Brother Supplies before and save.

HP price increase scheduled for 9/1/2007

August 17, 2007

HP announced that it will increase prices on toner cartridges and drum kits for 2 of its older color laserjet printers. The price increase will be effective 9/1/2007 and cover increased costs on these lower-volume items. The list of items is available below. Order now and avoid the price increase.

Color LaserJet 8500/8550 Supplies:
HP Drum Kit, C4153A, Was: $207.00, New: $228.00
HP Toner, C4149A, Was: $150.00, New: $165.00
HP Toner, C4150A, Was: $233.00, New: $256.00
HP Toner, C4151A, Was: $233.00, New: $256.00
HP Toner, C4152A, Was: $233.00, New: $256.00

Color LaserJet 4500 Supplies:
HP Drum Kit, C4195A, Was: $114.48, New: $126.00
HP Toner, C4191A, Was: $119.78, New: $132.00
HP Toner, C4192A, Was: $173.84, New: $191.00
HP Toner, C4193A, Was: $173.84, New: $191.00
HP Toner, C4194A, Was: $173.84, New: $191.00


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